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How To Grow a Successful Hypnotherapy or Coaching Practice

Need help launching your Hypnotherapy or Coaching business? Then contact us today, that’s one of the niches that we are REALLY GOOD at.

Welcome to Marketing Samurais Video Series, where we talk about marketing, business, and everything that improves your working life.

In this episode of the Marketing Samurais Video Series, Crom Salvatera speaks to a master neurolinguistics teacher. He’s trained hundreds of coaches and hypnotherapists in Australia. He’s the former President of the Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists (ASCH). He’s the former Chair of the Australian Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (ABNLP). He’s the founder and lead trainer at the Institute of Applied Psychology.

Ladies and gentlemen, our next guest is Mr Gordon Young.

Key Take Aways

Understanding the Institute of Applied Psychology


The Institute offers comprehensive training in hypnotherapy, NLP, and personal development. It focuses on providing practical and evidence-based techniques to help practitioners better serve their clients and achieve lasting results.

The Importance of Conversation Hypnosis


Conversation hypnosis is a crucial skill for hypnotherapists and coaches, as it allows them to seamlessly integrate hypnotic language into everyday conversations, enhancing rapport and client engagement.

Debunking Misconceptions about NLP


Gordon clarifies that NLP is not pseudoscience, but rather a valuable communication tool that can help facilitate positive change when used ethically and responsibly.

The Role of Emotional States in Coaching


Understanding that emotional states are processes can help coaches and hypnotherapists guide their clients to develop better emotional management strategies.

Identifying Business Opportunities


Gordon shares his journey of recognising the potential in personal development and hypnotherapy as a viable business opportunity, and how he took the plunge to launch his own business.

The Importance of Marketing


Gordon emphasises the significance of effective marketing in growing a coaching business, stating, “It’s simple, who’s got the best marketer, wins” (36:06).

Key Factors for a Successful Coaching Business


Gordon discusses the elements that contribute to a thriving coaching business, including providing value to clients, continuously upgrading one’s knowledge and skills, and maintaining a strong client-focused approach.

Adapting to Challenges


Gordon shares how his business adapted to the challenges brought on by the pandemic, demonstrating the importance of resilience and flexibility in any business.

Gordon Young’s New Book


Gordon has written a book that shares his knowledge and experience in the field of personal development, offering valuable insights for aspiring coaches and hypnotherapist.

Final Message for Aspiring Coaches and Hypnotherapists


Gordon encourages those pursuing careers in coaching and hypnotherapy to continually learn and grow in their profession, in order to effectively serve their clients and build a successful business.

Building a successful hypnotherapy and coaching business requires a combination of practical skills, marketing prowess, and a commitment to continuous learning and growth. By following Gordon Young’s advice and insights, aspiring coaches and hypnotherapists can greatly improve their chances of success in this dynamic and rewarding field.


0:00 Start

0:08 Introducing Mr Gordon Young.

2:15 What’s the Institute of Applied Psychology all about?

5:28 Is this useful?

11:09 Conversation Hypnosis

12:04 Is Neuro-Linguistics (NLP) BS?

14:03 In NLP communications always start with the listener.

15:50 How did Gordon Young get into NLP?

21:20 Every emotional state you run is a process.

22:26 How realistic is your projection?

24:46 How valid is my thought compared to the evidence?

29:23 When did you decide you had a business opportunity?

31:14 How did you start your personal development business?

35:15 How important is marketing in your business?

36:06 “It’s simple, who’s got the best marketer, wins”.

41:00 What makes a coaching business successful?

51:24 You’ve got to provide value once your customers are there.

55:47 How did Covid affect your personal development business?

1:03:31 Gordon Young’s new book.

1:07:19 You need to know far more than your client or students.

1:10:00 Rapid Fire Questions

1:20:37 A message to all aspiring coaches and hypnotherapists.

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Phone: 1300 114 529

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